Player Non Player champions oddness and intimacy. Part dating sim, part puzzler, the indie title may be built around a mysterious villa acting as purgatory for a clutch of haunted inhabitants, but the surreal encounters are part of a wider exploration of loss and mourning.” – NME

Player Non Player is a game that deals with mourning and death through an intimate and surprising gameplay.

The game focuses on narration through its NPC’s, with a mix between a puzzle game and a dating sim, while you can explore an open world with a melancholic atmosphere.

After creating your avatar, you will be free to explore an island as you wish. You will meet four enigmatic characters, living together in a villa. Tame them and gradually understand their desires in order to unlock interactive music clips from the band Agar Agar.
Can you help these characters so they can finally rest in peace?

Explore a strange world, with its abandoned and mystical places. Play with the sound structures or walk around and listen to the musical landscapes of the island.

It’s on the occasion of the release of the next Agar Agar’s album, Player non Player, that a video game of the same name has been made. Both independent and interconnected with the album, they are part of the same global project where the music has been written according to the game, as its soundtrack. Music clips are also planned and extend the lore of the game/album. One of them, Trouble, is already out.